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Richard III

A passionate, tumultuous retelling of Shakespeare's iconic tragedy.
A fantastical tale of foolish proportions

Juliette Bernelas, Naomi Horsfall, Augusto Cerruti, Giacomo Martelli,
Gabrielle Chiararo, Duné Medros, Bill Guion, Dermot O'Connell,
Jonathan Hedley, Tony Randell, Rosie Hillesley, Catherine Ann Taylor

Thurs Nov 30 at 8pm
Sun Dec 3 at 5 & 8pm
Thurs Dec 7 at 8pm
Sun Dec 10 at 5 & 8pm

Email: rometheatre@gmail.com , Call or SMS: 3463612209
WhatsApp: 3489355626, or Tel. 066879419 (after 4:00 pm)
Tickets: 15€, Reduced (students, teachers, military, clubs) 12€,
School Groups (12+)


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In collaboration with John Cabot's Italy Reads program

the belle of amhesrt

by William Luce

Directed by Imogen Kusch with Gaby Ford

Inspired by Emily's poetry and letters, The Belle of Amherst gives a voice
to Emily Dickenson, one of America's most iconoclastic,
eccentric and ambiguous poets.

John Cabot University,
Via della Lungara, 233, 00165 Rome, Italy

Photo ID necessary to obtain entrance to campus

RSVP: rometheatre@gmail.com Book today: Call or SMS: 3463612209
Earlier matinees available for student groups
for student groups write italyreads@johncabot.edu

This play is produced with the permission of Dramatists Play Inc, NYC.

The English Theatre of Rome presents
Our Annual Original Monologue Show
Offering fun, brand new writings and performers
from all walks of life based on the theme

Co-Directed with Michael Monkhouse, Andrew Lee Archer & Bill Guion

Devised with and performed by
Martina Angelucci, Asya Bell, Suzanne Bono,
John Caudill, Tracy Caputo, Augusto Cerruti,
Elizabeth Goletti, Marie Loche, Nigel Mepstead,
Dermot O'Connell, Tony Randell, Grace Schufreider,
Lisa Tucci, Alexia Turchi, Malcolm Wetherell.

- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 5 PM & 8 PM –


Please RSVP to:
Email: rometheatre@gmail.com, call: 3463612209 or
Whatsapp: 3489355626, or Tel. 066879419 (after 4pm)

TICKETS: 15€, Reduced (students, teachers, military, clubs) 12€,
School Groups (12+) 10€

The English Theatre of Rome presents

"…a truly distinctive piece of theatre" – New Yorker, January 2016

Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World
By and with Steven Freidman,
Directed by David Schweizer

One night only! WED MAY 3, 8PM

"An exclusive tour… of a great mind"- Talkin' Broadway
"…a genius philosopher" - The New York Times


Reservations strongly recommended
RSVP: Email! rometheatre@gmail.com, or Whatsapp: 3489355626,
or Tel. 066879419 (after 4pm)
TCKTS: 15 EURO, Reduced (students, teachers, military) 12, Group (12+
& golden agers (+70) 10 euro

Phalaris's Bull: Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World - The New Yorker

Gaby Ford presents The English Theatre of Rome
an English-Language Performance of

The Glass Menagerie
by Tennessee Williams

directed by Lee Andrew Archer
starring: Martina Angelucci, Frank Baj, Tracy Caputo, & Al Mariotti
featuring behind the scenes with: Asya Bell, Jessie Chen, Katerina Don,
Bill Guion, & Suzanne Vue

When this four-character memory play premiered in 1944 it catapulted Williams from obscurity to international fame. The play's action centers around the memories of the narrator, Tom Wingfield, who supports his mother Amanda and sister Laura. Things takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of Laura's suitor Jim.

Saturday, October 22 at 6pm
Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 5:00pm

Friday, October 28th, 2016, at 7:00pm
Saturday, October 22 at 6pm
Sunday, October 30th, 2016 at 5:00pm

general public - 12 Euro
students - 10 Euro
teachers accompanying students - our guests

John Cabot University
Via Lungara 233 (in Trastevere)
Photo ID necessary to gain access to campus
RSVP email: rometheatre@gmail.com, Tel, SMS, WhatsApp: 3489355626
TCKTS: 12 euro, students & club reduction: 10 euro

To commemorate our 20th anniversary and the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's final curtain call,Gaby Ford presents The English Theatre of Rome with one of his most famous and politically prominent plays performed with a cast comprised entirely of captivating women.
Join us from March 31st to April 10th to witness this intimate and intense
re-imagination of the time-honored play and take home a new perspective on this classic. Duration: 2 hours including intermission

Hamlet poster

Directed by Douglas Dean

Featuring: Nadia Caretto, Georgia Darell, Marzia Dal Fabbro,
Gina Ferrarin, Alessandra Gage, Alashiya Gordes, Christian Grant,
Jo Kohorst, Anna Mazzotti, Denise McNee, Manuela Parodi,
Shannon Riccio, & Dyanne White

a Night Of Women Who Write

The Bluest eye
European premiere

And so is the how and the edges of why of it.

Co-Directed with Angelica Azzellini Nikolei Berger & Gaby Ford

Featuring: Ghyslaine Archer, George Broglia, Nadia Caretto, Jared Clark,
Morgan Clark, Renee Clark, Victoria Erricks, Bill Guion, Misha Nichols,
Avery Smith, Lydia Willets & Alton Terry
Voice overs: Helen Anderson, Aliyan Green, Charles Tabansi
& Sharnice Rollins
Visuals by Serena Cheng, Maya Giaccobbe, & Casey Kim
Lights by Maya Giaccobe, Behind The Scenes: Danica Venosa & Aaron Park

Fri 23 Oct. 4pm
Sat Oct. 24, at 4 & 6pm
Sat Oct. 31 at 6pm

John Cabot University, via lungara 233, near p.za Trilussa
Photo ID necessary to enter campus

RSVP rometheatre@yaoo.com, SMS/WASSAP/tel. 39+3489355626
TICKETS: 12 reduced10 euro groups

This production was made possible through the Dramatic Publishing Company in Illinois.

night monologue

Holly Faris is a one-woman show which has thrilled audiences from coast-to-coast with her assortment of celebrity impersonations and comedy, providing world-class entertainment. (http://www.hollyfaris.com/)
"Holly Faris, who's become a local favorite, developing into one of the most versatile performers this city has working in it's showrooms…"
Pinky Kravitz, Whoot Magazine
"Her comedic timing, singing voice and ability to mimic her character brings fascination to the audience."
Don Kravitz, C Sentinel
"There are several reasons to recommend the Frank Gorshin show, his talent, and an equally impressive opening act, impressionist Holly Faris."
David Renzi, Las Vegas Sun

"Viva La Diva, is just that, a really good show. Of course, one reason is that the show's emcee, Holly Faris, is a favorite… a terrific show!"
Lou Perri, Whoot Magazine

night monologue


Farewell to arms

The Italian Insider: Farewell to arms

Parker's back


woman one act

The American in Italia: see the article

Corriere della Sera: a Night Of Women Who Write

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Also currently running - Dopo Cena

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